Iron Sharpens Iron where we help sharpen the constitution of people like a knife to a butcher steel, also challenge everyone to learn to pray the rosary. And as I always say “KEEP PUSHING THE BEADS”. Because the rosary is a mighty warrior’s weapon and will defeat satin and all the eval spirits that prowl the world seeking the rune of souls.


How Iron Sharpens Iron came about:

Iron Sharpens Iron all started when I was sitting in adoration one night at church, I was listening to the rosary in Latin because I’m trying to learn it in Latin because satin hates the Latin language, and anything I can do to poke satin in the chest makes me happy, when I heard a voice I shut off my ear buds and ask my wife what she needed she said she had not said anything so I went back to listening to the rosary when I heard the voice again, at this time I knew it was the voice of Jesus Christ talking to me through the Holy Spirit. All I could do is say yes, my lord the voice went on to say there is more I could do with my motorcycle riding club that I’m the founder of, and the conversation continued and I told Jesus Christ to take the handlebars of my life and the club and lead the way and I will hang on for the ride.

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