At the crossroads of passion and creativity you find Inspiration.

For the most part, Catholic artists are completely over looked  by the genre of contemporary Christian music. Catholic singers and song writers have a depth to their music. They have the ability to explore the mysteries of life. They go beyond the typical praise and worship that is popular. Prayerfully they compose from the heart they play. "Inspiration " is the artists own words telling how they came to write their song.

This podcast is devoted to the overlooked Catholic Artist and their music. Please support them by purchasing their works.

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"I don't know how many people have told me they lost a loved one to suicide and worry if that person is in heaven or hell. This song is for them."                                                                                       Written by Acoustibeat (David McHugh) Copyright David McHugh 2019 All rights reserved  Available on Spotify and iTunes (and pretty much everything else)  "Between the Bridge and the River" was recorded at Innovation Studios in Steubenville OH   Vocals - David McHugh Guitar and Drums(PercoustiX) - David McHugh Piano - Noelle Garcia Bass and Synths - Mike Ofca Recorded and Produced by: Mike Ofca

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