Deacon Don Prendergast is joining Casting The Net!

Deacon Don is  a former New York City detective (retired) and is now an ordained Deacon in the diocese of Orlando Florida. Deacon Don will be a contributor to Casting The Net in many ways. First as a homilist and as a Catholic life coach and podcaster. Welcome Deacon Don!

Spirit of Truth Radio Arts Announces.

Casting The Net is now working with Bear Woznick to produce a show about Manliness based on Bear's new book "12 Rules for Manliness, Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?"

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Introducing Somewhere "Along The Way"

Somewhere "Along The Way" are 2 minute meditations and inspirational stories. I hope you enjoy them.  Here are the first three episodes.


Along "The Way" is now on more platforms.

Recently Along "The Way" hosted By Down the Hall Dave has expanded from only being available here at Casting the  .net. We are now available on many popular sites like Spotify, PocketCasts, Anchor, RadioPublic and soon Google Pocasts.

We hope that you will help this humble podcast to grow.

Casting The . Net is building its audio prayer Library

We will be adding these prayers as soon as they are ready so please check back and check out the Audio Prayer Section.

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