Who is Jay Goodman

Jay Goodman, creator of "Talking with a Goodman" Podcast and "The Screwtape Letters Lenton Series" on YouTube, is originally from Nebraska. He and his beautiful Wife Sarah of 18 years met and after about a year of knowing each other, married in 36 hours with a 4 day deployment notice for the Army, only to find out those orders were a mistake the day after they were married! After that, they went on to have 4 amazing children ages 16, 14 and 7 with one of them unfortunately going to heaven in 2013.  Jay has been in the Army since the age of 17 and will retire soon after almost 30 years of service. He is a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. Sarah is going on her 12th year as a homeschool Mom, she runs their entire lives, their Shaklee Nutrition business they have had for 17 years, and helps to raise the kids while Jason is also hard at work with the Army. Jay helps with as much homeschool as he can, despite the fact of his job and subsequent lifestyle because of the Army. Jay is also a Master Fitness Trainer and has been a Trainer and Nutrition Coach since 1999. He also has an Exercise Science Degree with 8 different Fitness Certifications.  Sarah was raised Catholic, Jay was raised Catholic, then after his parents divorce, went on to be an Anti-Catholic, Fundamentalist Calvinist Protestant before meeting Sarah and being inspired and convinced by God and Sarah, as well as others, to cross that Tiber and come home to the one, true Church.  They currently live in Hawaii where they raise their children and enjoy life. 

Taling with a Good Man
The Screwtape Letters Lenten Series

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