David "Down the Hall Dave" Fortin

Down the Hall Dave is a writer of short stories for the Stories from Along "The Way". As a fan of poetry DTHD loves the Divine Comedy by Dante and Paradise Lost By John Milton. Also, a favorite is The Father Brown Mysteries On PBS. After all that is said and done Dave is a huge fan of the Impractical  Jokers.  I would love to interview those guy's say's the host of Along "The Way" and Stories From Along "The Way".

Father Larry Barile; Chaplin

I graduated from Manchester Community College in 1985 earning an Associate of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy. The past 28 years I have worked for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs with the State of Connecticut as the department head of cardiopulmonary services. Being a member of the DVA afforded me the great privilege of serving those who have served in ways that I would not have envisioned. In addition, I have had many other blessed opportunities to serve the church in various ministries over the last 20 years; Lay Minister, Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, and Catechist at all grade levels. Most recently, I have served as the director of a lay apostolate called ACTS within the state of CT. “These life experiences, coupled with the fact that many of my family members have been remarkable witnesses to the Catholic faith for me personally, have provided me with both blessings and challenges; blessings in terms of seeing the Catholic faith lived out, challenges in way of imitating the examples generously provided. The interior desire to continue a life of service, as nurtured by God’s grace, has led me to Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary to discern a life to priestly vocation.”


David Imhof: Producer Along The Way

Dave Imhof is an important part of Along The Ways growing success. Without Dave's project managing skills episode 1 might still only be in the can. Dave is also designing and directing some of the online Retreats and Days of reflection. Dave is pictured with his grandson.

David Lawrence- Hawley

Acoustic artist David Lawrence-Hawley is an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist and vocalist with a repertoire that gives more than a nod to folk rock classics from the 60's, and 70's, but also embraces the best contemporary acoustic folk, indie, blues, country, rock and Christian . 

David strummed his first chord back in 1973, and he’s been playing guitar and singing ever since!  In his youth he honed his skills by imitating popular folk artists and bands on the radio; names like James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfulkel, Crosby Stills & Nash, Credence Clearwater Revival, America, the Grateful Dead and so many more. This is the music that inspired him to become a musician, and it’s the stuff he still loves to play. The  common thread through all David's music though, is that it is... 

Shawn Kelly "The Big Voice Guy"

My friend David Fortin asked me to write a bio, although who I am keeps progressing and changing every day, I can tell you the old parts as best as I can remember. I began my radio journey/career after a bit of a tussle with a paper machine at a paper plant. In case you are wondering, the paper machine won. Being a Guitar player I thought we should part ways. I began perusing a career in radio and enrolled at the New School of Radio in Albany Ny.Ive been lucky to work with some amazing people at Stations such as Star 101.3 Cool Rock 95.9 and 100.3 The Point where I met a very cool gentleman down the hall named Dave.(hence his name) I went on to work at several stations Hits 95.9 Froggy 100.3 and Q 101.7  as the Program Director and Morning Show Host. Im currently on the air every weekday afternoon on Classic Rock 93 WSC The Legend. Im blessed to play music with my son Joshua on the weekends and to pet my dogs and hug my wife the rest of the time.

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